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Taporel Electrical 2018 New Year Speech
Datetime:2018-02-06 | Browse:1135 【Close page

New year opens with new hope, new blank carries new dream.
On the advent of 2018, on behalf of our company, I would like to extend my most sincere greetings to all our employees and their families. We sincerely wish New Year greetings to all our colleagues and partners at home and abroad who have concerned and supported our development for a long time. I sincerely wish everyone good health in this New Year, may all your wishes come true, may all go well with you.
In the past year, we have been friends with diligence, striving for friendship, and finally holding hands with success. This year, Taporel people work together unremittingly and have a fruitful harvest. In 2017, we achieved three major objectives at the beginning of this year. First, the output value exceeded 100 million. The second is to maintain steady growth in revenue for three consecutive years. Third, technological innovation achieved fruitful results. Through the hard work of technicians, new technology, new process, new products successfully applied in the Changji - Guquan ± 1100 kV ultra voltage DC transmission project, the project is the most advanced voltage transmission project in the world with the highest voltage level, the largest transmission capacity and the most advanced technology. This achievement marks a major step forward for Taporel Electrical on the road to technological innovation.
In the New Year, Taporel people always adhere to the "Responsibility and conscience are what we really build" this business development philosophy, always stick to customers and partners to provide cost-effective products and value-added services for this object. We will continue to promote the people of Taporel's unswerving spirit of unite as one , and create an international brand of Taporel Electrical, laying a solid foundation for the dream of "Century-old Taporel Electrical".
Happiness is created by hard work, let us join hands and work hard for a better tomorrow!
Finally, I sincerely wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy new year!

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Add: No.9 Jingwei 10th Road, Jinghe Industrial Zone, Xi’an , China
Domestic 24 hour service hotline:15929809999  Overseas 24 hours service hotline:+86-18792660323
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